Roofing Facts and Helpful Tips

How Bad Weather Can Lead To Roof Damage

Bad weather can be a big hassle. If it’s raining, hailing, or extremely hot, you might not want to spend time outdoors. However, inclement weather can impact your life in other ways. Bad weather can cause serious damage to your roof.

Rain, Sleet, And Hail Damage

Roofs are designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear, but a bad storm can still cause some serious damage. A lot of storms can cause a roof’s shingles to become loose, or to fall off of the roof entirely. This can lead to leaks. It’s always a good idea to inspect your roof after a big storm.

Sun Damage

Many people don’t know that excessive sunlight can damage a roof. Heavy sun exposure can cause the tiles on your roof to become worn out. Asphalt shingles are especially vulnerable to this sort of damage. If the sun is pounding down on your roof, you can expect your shingles to deteriorate a lot more quickly.

How To Deal With Weather Damage

As mentioned above, regular inspections are the best thing you can do for your roof. You should also consider annual maintenance. Taking care of your roof can extend its lifespan and save you from costly roofing problems.

Maintaining A Healthy Roof

Proper maintenance is important when it comes to keeping a roof healthy. This is why I always focus on implementing proper roof maintenance tips throughout the year. Below, I will be going over some of the most basic things that should be done to properly maintain a roof.

Things To Be Done:

1. Cleaning.

One of the most important things that have to be done for proper roof maintenance is effective cleaning. Cleaning the gutters is one of the most important things that you can do because clogged gutters can cause a significant backup and result in damage to your roof. Ultimately, if your gutters are backed up, it can cause excess water and other debris to sit on your roof and damage it from the excess weight.

2. Inspect For Rust.

You also want to be sure that you are inspecting for potential rust issues if your roof is made up of metal parts. Remove any rust if you notice it by utilizing a wire-brush.

3. Branches, Limbs, and Damaged Trees.

Another important thing that you should be doing is maintaining the trees surrounding your home. Any branches, limbs, or damaged trees can end up falling on your roof and causing significant damage if you are not careful.

Why You Might Need A New Roof

There are several reasons why you’d need a new roof. Do you want to know what some of them are? They include:

Leaky Roof
A leaky roof is a telltale sign it’s time to get a new roof. If your roof leaks frequently, even after you’ve had it repaired, then you’ll want to install a more durable and modern roof. Trust us when we say it’s better to spend the money on a new roof than it is to keep on spending money on repairing it.

Severe Damage
Another reason why you might need a new roof is it took severe damage during a storm or maybe a bunch of snow accumulated and caused it to concave. A fallen tree might have been the culprit. Whatever the reason for the damage, consider installing a brand new roof.

Mold, moss and algae can develop on a roof for many reasons, but the longer it sits there for, the more prone to damage your roof will be. Instead of spending a lot of money on mold removal, you can spend it on installing a new roof.

Those are a few reasons to get a new roof. There are many others. That being said, contact a roofer today to request a quote for a new roof.