A Few Tips On How To Maintain Your Roof So It Lasts

The roof of your home is perhaps the most important single element in the overall construction, and yet, it might be the one that you think about the least. So long as there are no wet spots on your ceiling, everything is good, right? While a good roof can last you for years, and sometimes even more than a decade, it still needs to get regular love and attention, just like everything else in your home. If you’d like a few tips on how to maintain your roof so that it lasts for a very long time, then keep reading!

For starters, don’t wait for problems to happen to get someone up there. Find a good roofing company in Portland to inspect your roof each year or 2. Your roof should ideally be looked over twice a year but this is not realistic for most people. Once would be in the spring, and the second time would be in the fall. The timing works out well for most corners of the country, as it’s a chance to inspect the roof for condition and damage before and after the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. Some climates might need more frequent inspections based on how severe the weather is in some seasons.

You can usually learn how to do this yourself from tutorials online or even workshops at home improvement stores, but if you don’t want to get up on the roof yourself, many local roofing businesses or contractors can also come out and do this for you. Any problems that get spotted should be patched up immediately, and it’s always a good chance to clean out gutters. Any tiles or shingles that have cracks or holes can either be replaced or covered up with new ones, and spots where ponding might happen, should be dealt with, as standing water can weaken a roof over time.

Even with seasonal inspections, it’s worth getting up there and looking for spots of trouble after particularly vicious weather, especially if your roof is older than newer. Age ranges vary, but if your roof is more than 7 years old, it likely has less than half its life left. Having said that, constant maintenance and partial restorations can add time.

Just make sure you wait for the weather to clear. You never want to go up on a roof that is still wet, not only because you might slip and fall and die, but because your weight and movement can possibly cave some of the roof in if it’s still water-logged.

It might seem like a pain or inconvenience to keep going up on the roof to patch an older roof up for many years, but it’s the one thing that will keep it going longer. It’s also worth it financially. A roof that is well-maintained can have an average annual cost that’s only a third of a roof that is just left to its own devices.

To save even more money, learn as many DIY tasks as you can about your roof. Also, buy extra roofing supplies when they’re on sale or in the off-season to keep on-hand for when you need them.